Welcome to the website of the Institute of Environmental and Earth Sciences!


Our institute consists of three departments focusing on educational and research tasks in the fields of environmental and earth sciences.

On our website you can find information about our educational and research activities. In case of questions, please contact us.


Kind regards,


Prof. Dr. András Bidló
head of institute, university professor



Head of Institute:

Prof. Dr. András Bidló

Tel.: +36 99 518-170
E-mail: bidlo.andras@uni-sopron.hu


Mrs. Ágnes Csepregi-Rimóczi

Tel.: +36 99 518-645
E-mail: csepregi-rimoczi.agnes@uni-sopron.hu


9400 Sopron, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 4. 
Building "C"

Mailing address: H-9401 Sopron P.o.b. 132